3E&3M PP Melt-blown Filter Cartridge Machine
3E&3M PP Melt-blown Filter Cartridge Machine Description: PP Melt-blown Filter Cartridge MachineThe use of automatic control system, continuous production of various specifications of filter, the operation is simple and convenient, production High efficiency, large, long life of the machine
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Product introduction

PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge production line, adopting full automatic control system, high production capacity, large efficiency, has long life. At the same time, our machine use variable frequency speed control system, low consumption, less wastage, good quality, stable performance, high filter precision. Realizing multi-layer structure of pp cartridge, which achieve filter water by different layers.


Production capacity:5000-5800pcs/24hours(On the basis of 10¡¯¡¯ length, 100g)  

( If workshop temperature is between 10 and 25 degree, Production capacity will be larger)

Rated power:88KW/Hour

Running power:50KW/Hour .

Raw material: Polypropylene(Fiber Grade)

Internal diameter(Default):28mm (We could do other internal diameter according to customer¡¯s request)

Outer diameter(Default):38mm~120mm( on the basis of ID 28mm.)

Length:5¡¯¡¯, 10¡¯¡¯, 20¡¯¡¯, 30¡¯¡¯, 40¡¯¡¯.............100¡¯¡¯

Filter precision:1um,5um,10um,20um,30um...............100um

Surface of filter cartridge:

  • Smooth surface

  • Orange peel surface

  • Grooves surface(Needs grooving machine )

  • Dotted & Roller surface (Needs extra tool )

  • Logo on surface

Machine weight:5.2Tons,  5.5T after packing

Layout:50M2 is enough. 150 M2 is better.  (L8m*W8m*H2.6m)

Parts of the machine:

1. Adopt beat quality electric appliance ABB inverter, Omron ammeter, Schneider MCCB.

2. Adopt high quality and high price air compressor and air tank to supply air.

3. Adopt stainless steel material for the whole set machine.

4. Supply additional machines shrink filming machine, roving machine and carving machine.

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