Activated carbon filter cartridge machine
Activated carbon filter cartridge machine Description: Activated carbon filter cartridge machineThe use of advanced automatic control system, by adding activated carbon adhesive (such as PE resin) heating extrusion properties of a molded.
Product Details
Production line could work 24 hours without a break 
 Rated power  16.45kw/set
 Running power  8kw/h when machine is running
 Raw material  Active carbon(granule) and PE(power)
 Inner diameter  Default 32mm
 Outside diameter  Default 63mm


 5",10",20",30" any length according to customer's request

 Production capacity

 300mm-400mm/min if water cool carbon cartridge directly

 150mm-200mm/min if water cool mold directly

 Range of diamter

inner diameter:9mm-100mm,outer diameter 29mm-150mm


 One machine just made one kind of inner diameter of outer diameter.

If you want to do different diameter ,you should replace some parts of extruder