PP Winding Filter Cartridge Machine
PP Winding Filter Cartridge Machine Description: Maximum diameter of winding: 200mm (winding diameter,larger than 200mm and within the effective range,can be customerized according to the orders).
Product Details

Machine application

HT Sing Spindle Filer Core Winder is mainly used in the fields of water purification, beverages, foodstuff, chemical,
greases, pharmaceutical, electron, environmental protection etc.it's a dedicated machine for the winding of different
yarns, threads on filter cores, characterized by high speed , good yarn/thread shape, automatic stop at yarn/thread's fullness,prompt yarn/thread
replacing and low energy consumption etc.


Technical parameters:
Winding machine winding line speed :60-320m / min
Winding maximum diameter: 200mm (winding diameter greater than 200mm can be customized for clients within a limited range)
Power: AC380/220V 50HZ
Motor power: 180W / ingots (10 ") 250W / ingots (20") 370W / ingots (30 ")
Motor speed: 2800r/min
Winding skeleton Material: POM, stainless steel and other selected according to customer requirements.
Winding skeleton inside diameter: 26,28,29,30,32,40,65 mm, etc.
Reciprocating stroke: generally divided into: 5 "(125 +2 mm), 10" (250 +4 mm), 20 "(500 +8 mm), 30" (750 +12 mm), 40 "(1000 +16 mm) (other reciprocating stroke can be customized for clients in a limited range.)
Single Din Panel Size: (W * H) 390 * 308mm
Yield: 60pcs/hour on the basic of 10 inch


 Winding speed           60-320m/min
 Power supply AC380,50HZ,Other Voltage can be customized.
 Power of machine                                0.18kw/spindle

 Machine's Motor

If winding filter's length<30",three-phase asynchronous Motor.speed:2800r/min;

If winding filter's length>=30",three-phase torque Motor.speed:1400r/min;

 Core's Material PP core, Stainless steel core...etc, on client's request.
 Material of Cam polyformaldehyde

 Inner Diameter of filter cartridge

28mm and 30mm, other diameter can be customized.

 Outer Diameter to filter cartridge

 Max.Outer diameter 200mm
 Micron of filter cartridge 1m,5m,10m,20m,50m,100m and so on

10inch,20inch,30inch,40inch...100".(Any other length could be customized).