• Once fired Reloading Brass and Scrap Brass can be contained in the same USPS Priority shipping box - they just need to be physically separated so they do not mix during transit.
  • Weigh your shipment to see if you have greater than 20 pounds of combined brass to qualify for free shipping.
  • A 20 pound minimum is not required.  Under 20 pounds of Once fired Reloading Brass and/or Scrap Brass - you cover the shipping costs.
  • Complete the Shipping Request Form by clicking here.
  • You will need to pick up a USPS Priority Medium/Large box depending upon the quantity of ammo brass you will be shipping.  Upon receipt of your Shipping Request Form, we will confirm and issue a USPS Priority Medium/Large box shipping label. 
  • After receiving your label, pack your USPS Priority box and ship it with USPS.
  • Within 3 business days after receiving and inspecting your ammo brass shipment, we will issue payment via PayPal or business check.